5 PLUS Natural Spring Water is drawn from a spring in the southern part of Łódź Artesian Basin, in the village of Piaski, Kleszczów municipality. The Geological structure of the region is highly complex because of the presence of the latitudinally stretched Kleszczów rift valley. 5 PLUS water is drawn from a well, which is about 312 metres deep. As one of the deepest such wells in Poland, it reaches a water-bearing stratum of the Cretaceous period dated to be about 70 million years old. This particular structure provides 5 PLUS water with natural protection against adverse conditions and pollution from the surface. This is why our water features original microbiological purity and a stable and natural chemical composition.

Kationy Aniony
Ca2+ 120,24 mg/l HCO3- 267,90 mg/l
Mg2+ 14,58 mg/l Cl- 13,80 mg/l
Na+ 3,12 mg/l SO42- 119,54 mg/l
K+ 1,3 mg/l F- 0,06 mg/l

We constantly monitor the water intake and the quality of our products. Our in-house laboratory conducts analyses on regular basis to ensure that the water you drink complies with all the requirements of the Regulation by the Minister of Health on natural mineral water, natural spring water and table water. In 2005, we were certified for compliance with the International Food Safety (IFS) standard, and since then our certificate has been renewed annually by authorised certification bodies. The introduction and maintenance of the certificate is a guarantee that you receive a top quality and safe product. Since 2010, we have been operating under the ISO 22000 standard.